Philatelic Gallery

I very clearly remember my first visit to an International Stamp show, London 1980' held at the Earls Court, and what a show it was. I had just started working in the GB dept. of Stanley Gibbons in the Strand, in the office I sat next to late O.W.Newport, the leading authority on Channel Islands. But back to the exhibition, I can still see so clearly the magnificent 'Grand Prix National' exhibit of 'Daisy' with the wonderful 'Earl of Lauderdale' cover with the 1d black, 2d blue and 1d red combination, the complete mint sheet of 1d red plate 10 which took up an entire frame - I kid you not - a complete sheet of 1d reds (1841 issue) taking up a whole frame - truly remarkable...  and then the magnificent line engraved embossed issue and seahorse exhibits of Sir Leonard Atkinson, Douglas Latto and his wonderful surface printed, the Telegraph exhibit of Peter Langmead, Harold Fisher with his errors.... to name but a few. Ever since that show I have eagerly attended exhibitions, looking at and reading the best exhibits, always learning and marvelling at the gems on display. 'The Times They Are A'Changing' ..... and they certainly are.... fewer major shows, I think a watering down of quality exhibits as key pieces are spread internationally and far too many beautiful items hidden in investment portfolios. So today (6th May 2020, when we should be enjoying the London Stamp Exhibition) I am really pleased to launch our 'Philatelic Gallery', where you can in the comfort of your own home visit a digital stamp exhibition and enjoy exhibits of GB stamps and postal history collections that I find unusual, interesting, or significant, and exhibits that offer knowledge and learning stepping beyond the reference books.

Class 1 - Postal History.
Class 2 - Traditional.
Class 3 - Aerophilately.
4 - Revenue, College stamps, Telegraphs.
 Class 5 - Postal Stationery including the Mulready and its caricatures.