These fascinating and rather attractive items were printed by the Third Reich in 1944 in Germany as Hitler's 1000 year Reich started to crumble. Using the designs from the GB 1935 King George V ½d Silver Jubilee, the 1937 King George VI ½d to 3d definitive issue and the 1937 GB 1½ Coronation issue, subtle and perhaps not so subtle alterations were made to the designs promoting anti Russian and anti Jewish propaganda. Furthermore various sets of overprints were made with propaganda messages telling the British people that their Empire was being 'Liquidated' by Japanese occupation in the far East and also by land-lease arrangements with the USA in the West Indies. Much rarer overprints make allusions to WW2 atrocities by the Allies such as the destruction of the monastery of Monte-Cassino and the 'Bluff Charter' between the Allied countries. Subtlety continues with the use of a propaganda cancellation 'AAAO' - Allied Amphibious Allied Operations all dated 6th June 1944, which was of course D-day when the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy. These items have a very broad appeal to collectors - those interested in overprints, the interesting and the unusual, Judaica, World War Two, King George VI, the places that are overprinted, politics and much much more. Worthwhile addition to most collections.