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Can't find what you're looking for?

This site contains an ever growing number and variety of items. Fortunately, there are simple ways to focus on your areas of interest.

Begin your search with the major collection headings on the Home page. Most of these have either a drop down menu or link to a page listing sub-collections.

Below is an example of a sub-category listing page. In this example click the red links to see relevant items.



All items are organised in to 'collections' e.g. '1841 1d reds black plates (SG7)'. Further to this, to assist with finding specific plates, many items are also 'plated'. So, for example, within the collection '1841 1d reds black plates (SG7)' you will find items plated 'PennyDie1plate02'. A 'browse by plate' drop-down menu appears to the right of the collection name if plated items exist within the collection. See the illustration below.




Alternatively, the very powerful Search facility at the top of the page will interrogate all our many item descriptions for matches. The search possibilities are endless. Some examples are "SG163", "Wiltshire", "1840", "Newcastle" or "1847 imperf".

The search is not case sensitive, so "sg163" will find SG163.

Please be aware that when searching by county you may find different results by using abbreviated names. For example, for Gloucestershire also try Glos. 

While viewing a collection of items click on any item for a full description and larger image.

Note that you may click on our company logo at any time to return home.


General viewing difficulties?

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Some images not displaying?

We do our very best to keep the site up to date with all the correct images. If you find some are not displaying, try clearing your browser cache before re-opening the site.