Line Engraved Specialised Perforations

From 1840 until Feb 1854 practically all British postage stamps were removed from the imperforate sheet with scissors or were torn. The exceptions to this were the so called 'Archer' experimental perforation trials carried out in 1850-1854 or certain roulette's, most of which are of 'uncertain status'. The introduction of perforation certainly speeded up the task of the postal clerk but perforation was in it's infancy so we see various unintended varieties. This section offers not only the 'Archer' experimental perforations but various examples of these unintentional but sought after perforation varieties. For futhur reference we recommend ' Stamp Perforation: The Somerset House Years, 1848 to 1880' by Ray Simpson and Peter Sargent. Other more detailed publications are available.


Archer Experimental Perforation

Missing Perf Holes

Misplaced Sheet Variety

Over Perforated Varieties

Part Imperforate

Miscellaneous Perforation Varieties

Double Perforation

Short Stamps

Long Stamps