Class 2 - Traditional.

Class 2 - Traditional

Lancashire Reds 

 A lovely exhibit of the Die 2 alphabet 3 issues on blued, transitional and white papers plates 22 to 68. A nice blend of proofs, issued stamps and usages. I would particularly point out the very nice range of imprimaturs showing a beautiful range of shades.

Plate 9 (SG7) Collection

Purchased by ourselves from a very knowledgeable collector. Before it was sold intact, a copy was made for interested collectors. An exceptional study of the plate repairs to Die 1 plate nine, in black and red.

The Pinecrest Collection

'I am a poor man from a third world country' so sayeth the owner of this exceptional study of the 1850-1864 1d star (SG 16b-SG42). This exhibit really shows what can be achieved with an enthusiastic and knowledgable approach to what can be a very challenging issue. This exhibit deservedly won a Gold medal at the New York International in 2016 and has qualified for the USA 'Champion of Champions'. I think it is a lovely well thought out exhibit 

Great Britain - Postal Reform and Development of the Penny Value 1838-1858.

As a young boy I started out as a general collector of GB trailing around the stamp shops of Bristol and Bournemouth with my late father. My father soon developed a taste for the inexpensive Die 2 1d stars (SG40) broadening out into the Die 1 and Die 2 issues. I soon followed but unfortunately developed a taste for the more interesting, exotic rarer items. As with most collectors the collection started to spread uncontrollably, and exhibiting seemed the natural way to develop the collection along more structured lines. I recommend this approach to one and all. Displays to stamp societies in the UK was followed by a Gold medal at Stockholmia 2019, since when the exhibit has been considerably strenghtened. 

Die Geschichte der Ein-Penny-Marke von GroBbrtannien von 1840 bis 1879.
Protective Overprints and Underprints
Class 2 - Great Britain 1883-1884 Lilac & Greens