For the period 1854-1860 Scottish post offices were officially authorised to use their undated name stamps as cancellations - creating one of the most popular and attractive areas to collect. Instead of stamps obliterated with numerals we can find stamps cancelled with straight line handstamps, circular undated handstamps  and a plethora of other cancellations - enhanced by the occasional use of blue and green inks. The two keys reference books are 'Scots Local Cancellations Illustrated 1854-1860' by R Alcock (one of THE cancellation pioneers and to whom we owe an enormous debt) and 'The Scots Local Name stamps'  by Stephens & Erskine (Grand father of my tennis hero Andy Murray !!) . Both, frustratingly like so many key books are out of print but become occasionally available - if you are seeking either or both suggest you email me and i will let you know when available.